About Us

Penta is dedicated to addressing the issue of limb disability by sourcing and repurposing used prosthesis in the United States and directly re-customizing these prosthesis to low income people with disability in Vietnam.

Unlike any service currently on the market, we cover the cost of donors’ shipping, provide a digital interface for donors with updates on the status of their used prosthesis, and ensure the quality of the devices as well as the fitting procedure.

The need

There are more than 4 million amputees in Vietnam who are in need of a prosthesis. One of the main causes is the Vietnam war war and the number of amputees in Vietnam is increasing day by day.

Many of the country’s amputees cannot afford light-weight, customized prosthesis, so they often go without them, thereby suffering needlessly.

our prosthesis repurposing Initiative

Prosthesis Donation Process

I lost my father at the age of 7 and my mom has been supporting me ever since. I stay at home and don’t really go out. I would borrow a leg from the hospital, so I could practice how to walk, but I could never afford to buy a leg. Now, with the help from Penta, I can go back to school and find a job to help my mom.
— Le Thanh Hiep, 20

Why Us?

We are a non-profit that provides a transparent and easy to donate model to collect used prosthetics in the United States, ensuring quality and working directly with the largest orthopaedic hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to repurpose the parts for disabled patients. We have already fitted dozens of people with prosthetics, and with your help, we can change many more lives.