Impact Stories

Our team is inspired daily by the resilience and strength of amputees we work with. Here are some of their stories and how Penta has impacted their lives:

Nguyen van Ha

Ha lost his leg in the war after he stepped on a landmine. After the war, he came back and worked as a trash collector to support his 4 kids. With his new leg, he is currently working in a pagoda. 

LE thi Le

Le is a 60 year-old farmer from Tien Giang who suffered from genetic inheritance diabetes. She’s a grandmother of 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. She went through 4 surgeries and had her left leg (below the knee) amputated a month ago after a random check up at the hospital due to her leg swelling and her tissue decaying from diabetes. She accepted the doctor’s offer to have a prosthetic. Initially, she was saddened to point where she wouldn’t eat and cried constantly--even losing 7 kg. Transportation was tough for her--she had to travel for 4 hours to get to the clinic. Although she stated that she still feels a sense of insecurity when looking at people who have their limbs intact, we hope that after getting her prosthesis, her situation will improve eventually and she can go back to farming.


Nguyệt was on her way home from school with her younger sibling when they both got hit by a container. Both lost a limb; Nguyệt lost her left leg. 

Nguyệt and her sibling were rushed to the hospital by a helpful driver. Despite in pain, Nguyệt kept telling the driver to take her to a bigger hospital despite it being much further compared to a smaller, local one near the accident. She wanted to make sure her siblings will survive the accident and saw her sibling’s life as a higher priority than hers.

She loved to travel (especially to Phú Yên) and went backpacking a lot in her university years. Now, she has a fear of motorbike and transportation in general; she can’t imagine backpacking on a motorbike ever again.

After the accident, she excluded herself and went through various personality changes (from being very extroverted to introverted). In this period, she was afraid to talk to strangers and could not continue her education. 

After she was fitted with a leg, she has resumed school. In the future, she aspires to get a university diploma in order to teach other people with disability in her city about Information Technology; she sees this as one of the most important sectors in the modern age.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to go back to school and receive a college education.


At the age of 12, during the Vietnam War, Khuong lost his leg. He was not a soldier but a field worker. He lost his leg when stepping on a landmine. Since he didn’t fight in the war, the government would not provide him with a red cross prosthetic that veterans receive. With the frustration of not being able to go out with his friends, he decided to make his own leg using weapon aluminium, wood, and rubber. When Khuong said, "I don't care how people see me, as long as I can walk I'm happy." We realised that he was very positive, even without a limb he remained optimistic and able.